Back again on the ledge

saying Kanye knows you best

you swoon for love like no one else

(and I’m in)

the brittle boys club cheers you on

as you sell dreams like two for one

and point to things that no one should own

(and I’m in)

so raise the stakes, sing it again

while the gypsies play

I’m not coming down 


I’m a fucking snowflake

And no one’s gonna tell us how to feel 

And no one’s gonna tell us how to feel

So fall in love

In ballgowns and break ups

It's neanderthal

In your long distance make up

And you can’t help it yeah you want what you want

Divine and deluded tonight

Close to death

at the Echoplex beneath the tones 

of the better sex, I lean in close

and tell you not to cry

(and I swear)

they will know us down the boulevards

the paramedics and the rising stars 

this is how we talk to god

(In tongues)

this is how we were made

And no one’s gonna tell us how to feel

(I’m a fucking snowflake)

No one’s gonna tell us how to feel

You know I couldn’t make it different if I tried

You know I could never stop

And I’m always on call

to be who you wanted

the Milky Way is waiting for you

and me now